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Sep. 24th, 2010

Chris Dianna

College week two.

Second week of college gone by; it's going well, so far. Definitely more settled in this week, as everyone starts to sink into the routine and you actually get a chance to see people. New social area (artfully named the "hub") is open; I spent my Monday free in there on the sofa's with some friends (It was one of those bizarre things where one of your friends has brought a friend who then turns out knows a whole tonne of people you know, promoting weird, how do you know each other conversations when you run into said people).

Societies have really got moving as well; I did Magic on Tuesday (not totally convinced on the game, but the atmosphere is really nice and geeky), and the Classics society today (cupcakes, Troy and LOTR references while making fun of Brad Pitt's inability to act. Totally awesome). Lessons are also going well; English and History are getting stuck in, Photography's really interesting, and Art is well, Art. Today's art lesson was particularly awesome; Critical studies - we'd been asked to bring in some images that we liked/influenced us to share with the group - and after much pondering I'd decided to go with one of Mucha's images, and then two pages from Kate Brown's The Spider Moon; we only showed one, and I decided to live on the risky side and show Kate's work, and it actually went over pretty well. Whoo~ Achievement there. (Thank you very much Kate for producing such lovely work~~~)

Also signed myself up last minute to help at a guide camp/residential this weekend, so if I'm not around, that would be why. Slightly worried about the cold though.

Sep. 18th, 2010

New Adventures

Sixth Form

Finished my first week of Hills~ It's going okay so far - a lot of admin, settling in things going on. Beginning of the week was rather suckish, but I think I've managed to find my feet by the end of it. Slowly making new friends and learning who everyone in my classes is.

Subject-wise, everything seems to be going fine. Art is just an introductory drawing course at the moment, which is actually really good. Debate on Twitter early in the week got me thinking about this; so much of art education these days has been "learning to paint in the style of a certain artist", so it's really nice to just go back to basics.

It's a lot more independent, which is really nice as well. I've got at least one free a day, which is nice to just sit and take a break or get some work done if I need to.

So yeah, everything is going okay. And five weeks to go until half term~ Whoo!

Jul. 31st, 2010



Going on camp today: therefore, do not expect any communications from me. I think we brought the rain down though, yay for muddy camps~

Jul. 6th, 2010



Went to see my Sister's School's (it was my school until about a week ago...) production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". It was better than I thought it would be, but I did not have very high expectations.

Here are my thoughts...Collapse )

In short, it's not like I had anything better to do with my Tuesday evening. And I have a sore throat as well, in other news. My body hates me at the moment, I swear.

Jun. 29th, 2010

New Adventures

(no subject)

Signed off today~ My compulsory school education is over and done with and I now have 10 weeks of freedom.

It's a bit odd really. It hasn't quite sunk in that I'm done. There's a general surrealness about it - half of the people who I've spent five years with I'll never see again. And most of them I'll only run into occaisionally. There's a sense of freedom as well, and a "I can now do whatever the heck I want" thing going on as well.

I'm now free for pretty much all of July. Anyone feel like meeting up/catching up? It would be good to see people again~ I'm in Oxford on the 10th July for people over there - anyone got any recommendations for places to see on my short, whirlwind tour of the city? (Should be availible to meet up as well, if anyone's around~)

Anyway, onwards~ Make the most of it before I'm in sixth form~

Jun. 10th, 2010

White and Nerdy


Review of Something Brewing by Britt

This is actually the nicest thing ever~ A lot of the comments I've had about Something Brewing have been overwhelmingly positive and really lovely to read, but this takes it to another level. It makes me so happy to see people enjoying my work.

Expo was a really good motivational boost in all. Hearing everyone's lovely comments about the pictures I was drawing in their Dino-Saw-Us passports, and having people I'd drawn commissions for really satisfied with the work~ It's just really lovely. Especially after working really silently on a project and not getting any comment on it for a good few months.

It reminds me why I love comics~ Not just because I enjoy it, but it's so lovely to see people enjoying the work I create.

May. 31st, 2010

New Adventures


Expo was... amazing. Seriously. Loved it so much, had an amazing time. Much love to everyone who was there! Special thanks go to Nana Li, my wonderful table buddy for being lovely and putting up with my stupid comments all weekend. Thanks also to our lovely neighbours, Joe List, John Allison, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie for being generally awesome, the folks behind us (Naniiebim and Crew) for being spectacular, Emma and Pud for organising everything, and Marc Ellerby and Joe for having silly waving contests throughout the weekend that I didn't quite understand but kept me entertained none the less. More thanks to everyone who stopped by my table and bought something~ Would mention names, but this thank you list goes on enough. You awesome people know who you are!

Personal highlights of the weekend: *Note, these are slightly random
- Kieron Gillen bought my comic!!! *faints in shock~* (Okay, I did go and buy Phonogram 1 &2 and Suburban Glamour from his and Jamie's table...)
- Marc Ellerby asked me for a business card!
- Doodling in various Dino-Saw-Us passports and getting lovely reactions from people who liked them~ It's really nice to be appreciated.
- People wanting and guying commissions! Thank you to everyone who did so, I got quite a bit of money from that and it was really fun!
- John Allison doodling a special picture of Brennan from Bones just for me to stick in my Dino-Saw-Us passport
- Awesome chats with Nana about various miscellaeneous things~
- Getting lots and lots and lots of comics!! Slowly going through them, they all look awesome!
- Gtting to see/meet everyone! I love how nice the UK small press scene is!

May have missed many things there, there were so many awesome things about this weekend! Being behind a table is a really different experience - it's a bit more trapped, and there's less freedom, but there are many bonus awesome things as well! There's a lot of group camraderie, especially as I didn't know a lot of the people who were round us, and it's easier to chat and talk to people, and there's a lot more interest, no longer being just a punter, but a fellow seller/artists/writer - but I really enjoyed it and hope to be back next time!

Didn't actually get out of the comic village all weekend~ 'Bout the only thing I regret is never quite making it to the DFC stand, as everything in the comic village was superb and I spent far too much money as it is.

So yeah, really enjoyable weekend, and I hope to see everyone back there again, if not before! (Cambridge people, I must get involved! Need to start going places~)

Also, if anyone didn't get around to buying my comic and wants a copy, send me an email/pm/comment and we'll work something out (It's £2, plus postage if we can't meet up and hand it over in person)

May. 24th, 2010



Is anyone going to Expo from Cambridge early Saturday morning? Heading back a bonus~ If you're going by car, I'm happy to pay petrol money, car park fees, etc.

Basically, I do a trade off with my mother to allow me to go to expo~ I arrange transport Saturday, and get myself back to Cambridge satisfactorily, and she will take me there and back on the sunday. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to go both days.

I do have a friend that is going, but I'd like to be there as early as possible to get set up, so it's not a massive panic if not, I shall just have to leave Nana in charge for the first hour or so, depending on when exactly trains come in, etc.

Thank you!

May. 16th, 2010


(no subject)

Yeah. In tune of continuing the various Clegg/Cameron slash that's been going round lately, yesterday at C4 we (kassie_opia, Emma Cox, Lucy Edwards (otherwsie known as Kiri to most of you) and me), came up with this. In demo mode currently, we plan on raiding a music room next week and writing some more verses.

C4 yesterday consisted of pretty much everything apart from drawing comics (which is what we're supposed to do).

Mar. 27th, 2010


Website Help.

Hey Guys! As some of you may know, I'm busy coding a webiste. Consequently, I'm also looking for website hosting. So, it's one of those question and advice posts, again~

Info on my site - Fairly standard art portfolio site, for referring people to, etc.

- What sort of Bandwidth/Extra features should I be looking for?
- How much should I be paying each month for hosting?
- How much should I pay for a domain name? Also, .com vs .co.uk?

Advice is much appreciated, thank you everyone~ I expect you will be of amazing help, as always!
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Mar. 24th, 2010


I hate being young...

Hello Everyone~

Bad news. I may not have a table at expo afterall... Kiri may have revision over expo weekend, and therefore may not be able to make it.

So I'm looking for a new table buddy. The issure here is that I can't really downgrade to a single pass, as being 15 (well, 16 by expo), is still iffy about me having a table by myself. Parents are really annoying about these things as well.

Basically, if anyone is looking for a buddy, or has a table and wouldn't mind sharing, or something, I would love you forever.

Feb. 13th, 2010



Well, I'm heading off to the airport to go to Berlin until tuesday. The forecast still says it's freezing, wish me luck! I'll be back in time for pancakes :)

Feb. 1st, 2010

New Adventures

Ich habe mein Arbeitspraktikum mit Spiderman gearbeitet...

Making tea so I can finish my german presentation, and I have a crack brainwave. I should do it on:

"When I grow up I want to be a superhero!"

I'm fairly certain my teacher would take one look at it and tell me to start over. Something that is basically 1/12th of my mark should probably been taken seriously.

On the up side, she did suggest I should do it on "When I am older I want to be a comic artist", so I guess all things geeky are not lost...
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Jan. 14th, 2010


Titles for my comic project.

Seeing as I have recieved many fabulous suggestions over twitter of what I could call my comic, I have decided to list them here so I don't forget them. It's kinda about a writer who spends far too mcuh time in a coffee shop and the guy who works there, and the chemistry and relationship between them.

- Coffee Lovers
- Coffee Chemistry
- Expresso My Love
- Something Brewing
- Room for Cream
- Stirred
- Grounds for Confusion
- Double Expresso

I'm leaning towards Something Brewing myself. I think it's the one that suits the feel of the comic best.

Jan. 8th, 2010


Weekend coming up!

Well, today hasn't been too bad. Late opening again means I missed German. Which was good. Not having to go into school until ten has it's perks. I like this arrangement.

Managed to get some stuff done this afternoon - not as much as I'd like, but a fair amount. Time for a wrap up journal, planning out tommorrow and then a quick tidy/organise of stuff before going to bed.

Thing's to do over the weekend:
- Chemisry Homework. Boring as it may be.
- Get started on comic project script. Wanted to have it actually finished by this weekend, but other stuff got in the way. Could still get it done if I work hard. Maybe.
- Finish current WIP and then that will have been done in less than a week :)
- ICT revision. Exam is in 2 weeks or so. If I do well, it's one less to worry about come summer~
- Art coursework~~ Work Work Work. Final Design Models, Expression stuff and different materials work aiming to be at least halfway complete.

Hopefully I can get stuff done. As long as my motivation stays high ^_^

Jan. 1st, 2010


New Years :3

I always think something exciting should happen on today. Nothing really ever does (Doctor Who doesn't really count. That would be exciting if you put it on the most mundane day of the year), and I end up sorely dissapointed.

New Year Resolution time~ I didn't make any last year, which does mean I can't really look back and reflect, but I am determined to make this year good!!

- Get Organised. Seriously. Do stuff, set deadlines, make things happen. Don't put stuff off to the last minute, but be proactive.
- Pass GCSEs, preferably with all A/A* grades. Consequently, get into sixth form and do well there. Basically, go academica go.
- Complete a few comics and make improvements in my art. Get a portfolio ready, and maybe a website.
- Celebrate 16th in style - let's make this a fabulous year of birthdays and celebrations!

I think the general gist is to just get stuff done, get somewhere and do something with life this year. I think I'll be happy if I get to the end of this year doing well in sixth form, enjoying myself with a few comics under my belt.

Bring it on 2010!!

Dec. 4th, 2009


(no subject)

Well, first week of Mock Exams is over. And most of them are now done. This is good :3

My Art exam went okay... 10 hours of work, even spread over two days is quite a bit though. I was quite glad when it was over. English and Maths went well, and I'm feeling quite pleased about my history exam. German speaking went better than I thought, as did the controlled coursework. The listening also didn't go too badly, but the reading went rather terribly, I think. As did my ICT exam. But apart from that, it went well!

Looking forward to C4 and going to Handm@de with Kiri tommorrow. Should be fun XD.
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Nov. 22nd, 2009


I hate German exams :(

Ich werde mein ganzes Blog in Deutsch schreiben, um mein Deutsch zu verbessen, weil ich nicht in der Deutschprüfung durchfallen möchte. Ich habe Acht Tag vor mein Deutschprüfung und ich müsste vier Fragethemen lernen.

Also, ich beabsichtige mein LJ in Deutsch zu schreiben. Meiner Meinung nach, es werde sowohl schrecklich als auch prima sein.

(And I'm alread sick of it, but I neeed the practice. More tommorrow maybe? Or possibly later?)

An english translation:
I will write my entire blog in german in order to improve my german because I don't want to fail my german exams. I have eight days before my german exam, and I must learn 4 question topics.

Therefore, I intend to write my LJ in German. In my opinion, it will be either terrible or great.
Child's Melody

Predicted Grades Mark 1.

Well, I've got my first set of predicted grades through. Which are going to be revised according to my performance in the Mock Exams (which are in a week. EEK!) Anyway, here they are!:

Art - A
Biology - A*
Chemistry - A*
English - A*
German - A (where's this come from? Ich spreche nicht Deutsch!!)
History - A (Follows the pattern of predicting a grade below coursework, but I want that A* in this subject!!!)
Mathematics - A*
P.E Short Course - B (lol what? I've spent half of core (which is half the marks) drawing smilie faces)
Physics - A*

So if these stay the same, I'll be pretty happy. I do want an A* in history though!! And they should have split English up, seeing as it's two GCSEs (and while I might make an A* in Lang, I'm not in Lit. Possibly an A)

So that lists up to 5 A*s, 5 As, and a B in a subject which I don't care about! If you split the Englishes anyway! I'm happy!!

Now back to revision and coursework so I can actually make these grades!

Nov. 8th, 2009

Child's Melody


I don't know why anyone actually bothers watching reality t.v shows. I didn't watch X-Factor tonight and I still know exactly what happened. It's quite amusing actually to watch what must be unfolding on live t.v. from the the comfort of your own facebook feed :)

Now, back to work. I have an artist study to finish and a ton of german to write before I can call it done for the day. And I was hoping to get a page inked as well.

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